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When you use MorphoBank please cite the software:

O'Leary, M. A., and S. G. Kaufman. 2012. MorphoBank 3.0: Web application for morphological phylogenetics and taxonomy.

You may also be interested in citing the conceptual paper describing the the database and tool:

O'Leary, M. A., and S. Kaufman. 2011. MorphoBank: phylophenomics in the 'cloud'. Cladistics. 27:1-9.

Each MorphoBank project is issued a unique identifier beginning with the letter 'P' for project. You will see this identifier displayed in many places throughout MorphoBank while editing your project. For example, your project number appears next to your project title in the My Projects project list and on the project overview page. Once your project is published you may link to your project with a URL in the format

where 'P44' is replaced with your project identifer. Yes, the question mark should precede your number in your permalink, so it would look like this for another project: For unpublished projects, the only way to access data is by logging into MorphoBank projects to which you belong.

Folios are published when the project is published, unless the folio's status dropdown is set to 'never publish to project', and may be linked to using a URL in the format:

where 'F20' is your folio identifier. Folio identifiers always begin with the letter 'F' and appear next to the folio name in the project folios tab. Your project must be published for folios to be accessible to the public.