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Project goal:

Develop a roadmap for a sustainable GGB Database Ecosystem

Project phases:

  1. Identify 3 AgBioData consortium databases to develop sustainability models for. 
  2. Design stakeholder surveys
  3. Run surveys
  4. Compile and analyze survey results
  5. Develop sustainability models for 3 databases. 
  6. Publish white paper on findings and recommendations. 

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Identify 3 databases for sustainability modelling
Design stakeholder surveys for the three databases
Run stakeholder surveys
Stakeholder survey/interview results
Complete models of sustainability for 3 databases
AgBIoData InPerson meeting

Criteria for selection

Select 3 AgBioData databases based on criteria

Finalize 3 AgBioData databases with WG

Identify stakeholders for the three databases

Discuss survey/interview questions with WG and finalize

Design survey/interview questions for each stakeholder type for each of the three databases

Go through IRB process if required

Reach out to stakeholders with link to survey questions and with interview questions

Upload surveys into survey platforms

Collect survey/interview data

Summarize survey/interview results for WG

Redo survey/interview, if needed

Develop models of sustainability for 3 databases

Present models to WG

Finalize models of sustainability

AgBioData In-Person meeting

Prepare presentation for AgBIoData In-Person meeting

The Team

Sabarinath Subramaniam

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The content of this macro can only be viewed by users who have logged in.

Full nameAffiliation
Bob CottinghamOak Ridge National Laboratory
Chris ElsikMissouri University
Chuck CookGlobal BioData Coalition
David CarrGlobal BioData Coalition
Dorrie MainWashington State University
Fiona McCarthyAgBase
john p mcnamaraWSU, WSAS, BANR-NAS
Josh YoungPhoenix Bioinformatics
Karen YookmicroPublication Biology Journal and WormBase
Lukas MuellerBoyce Thompson Institute (Cornell University)
Shabari SubramaniamPhoenix Bioinformatics
Star GaoStar Executive Consulting, LLC
Surya SahaBoyce Thompson Institute (Cornell University)
Sushma NaithaniOregon State University
Tanya BerardiniPhoenix Bioinformatics (TAIR)

About us

Our Sustainability Working Group of database  professionals and their stakeholders and funders, tasked with creation of a road map for long-term GGB  data sustainability.

Click here for Bios of working group members. 

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